The Conceptual Portrait Oil Painting Workshop

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In this five-day workshop, Dorielle will teach students how to paint a conceptual portrait using classical and contemporary painting techniques in oils. After the portrait is rendered, she will guide and challenge students to add to, destroy, cover, and/or remove elements in the students' paintings to encourage a conceptual reveal in the portrait. This workshop will address the formal elements of representational painting (form, blocking, value, color matching, edges, proportions, and composition), but will also encourage students to cross over into the world of conceptual art using representational portraiture as a springboard.

This workshop includes a lecture, a demo, and one-on-one guidance. All levels welcome!

Bosky Studio
15 East Bijou St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Saturday, August 3rd - Wednesday, August 7th, 2024

Workshop Schedule:
Saturday, 12pm - 4pm: Meet and Greet, Lecture, Idea Brainstorm Session, Photoshoot, Preliminary Sketches, Workspace set-up, and Image Transfer
Sunday, 10am-4pm: Painting
Monday, 10am-4pm: Painting
Tuesday, 10am-4pm: Painting
Wed., 10am-5pm: Painting and Critique Session

Workshop Price: $850

REFUND NOTES: If you cancel within 30 days of the start date, I cannot offer a refund. If you need to cancel before 30 days, I can offer you a spot in another upcoming workshop.

For inquiries and questions contact:

Dorielle Caimi
[email protected]


-IPAD or LAPTOP (screen to work from)


-GESSOED CANVAS or PANEL (size suggestion: approximately 16" x 20")

!!!NOTE: please arrange a way to transport your painting home bearing in mind that they will be wet. You can get boxes to ship your work home from FedEx.

-SUGGESTED OIL PAINTS (brands are in parentheses), but bring whatever you have:
Titanium White (Gamblin)
Luminous Opera (Holbein Duo Aqua Oil)
Warm White (Gamblin)
Luminous Yellow (Holbein Duo Aqua Oil)
Cadmium Orange (any brand)
Yellow Ochre (any brand)
Terre Verte (Gamblin)
Sap Green (Gamblin
Ultramarine Blue (Gamblin)
Lavender (Holbein Duo Aqua Oil)
Dioxazine Purple (any brand)
Alizarin Crimson (Gamblin)
Burnt Sienna (Gamblin)
Raw Umber (Gamblin)Burnt Umber (Gamblin)
Payne's Grey (Gamblin)
Ivory Black (Gamblin)

Neo Megilp (Gamblin)
FAT Medium by Chelsea Classical Studio

-BRUSHES: you’re welcome to bring whatever brushes you have, but please include the following:
Three #6 (size) Synthetic soft bristle Filberts
Four #4 Filberts
Four #2 Filberts
Six #1 Filberts

Three small Round brushes sizes 2-8
A blending mop
A #16 Flat brush
An assortment of hogs hair brushes for blending
A re-sealable "Masterson" palette lined with glass is what I use. I recommend it because you can put it in the freezer and keep your paints workable for weeks.

Palette Knives: Small to medium palette knives. preferably metal 

Other Things:
Apron or paint smock/clothes
rags/paper towels

TESTIMONIALS from past Workshops:

"[Dorielle's] workshop taught me so much, both in regards to painting and myself. Within such a short time, I was able to understand the fundamentals of oils enough to execute a reasonable portrait, even without any prior experience. Her passion for painting and passing on what she knows made me feel so welcomed. The experience also emphasized that new things are usually not as intimidating as they can seem to be. Just have to start." -Sarah

"Here's my testimony for the September fall workshop: it was awesome! Even though I didn't get to finish my painting, I felt like I gained a lot of tricks and techniques that I incorporate into my own painting practice today. From helping me mix paint to watching Dorielle paint over some of my own painting, I think I learned very valuable insider knowledge as well. Also, [New Mexico] was a very fun place and I met tons of great people and artists." :-) -Natalie

"Where to start? My weekend workshop with Dorielle far exceeded any expectation I could have had. From emailing with her beforehand regarding my ideas with questions about how to execute were followed up with the most thoughtful (and helpful) responses. The workshop itself was very well organized (with yummy snacks!), and Dorielle was very good about communicating early on what supplies were needed, where the studio was located (with a photo to help the directionally-challenged people like myself), as well as places to stay in the area. The workshop itself was utterly priceless! She gave so much of herself, her time, and energy, I couldn’t possibly have gotten anything more from the class. The workshop started with a lecture detailing what/whom inspires her art, and she guided us through the whole process from reference photos to critique where we discussed our process. I came home already fearlessly planning my next project, and I have so many new techniques and mediums at my disposal. I will absolutely be back. And Albuquerque is pretty fun, too! 10/10, do recommend!" -Danielle

"Dorielle Caimi’s workshop was nothing short of amazing on so many different levels for me. Dorielle was very patient and equally as hands-on helpful, which I appreciated, as I am a new painter. Her setup and itinerary is perfect for her turnout. She is also good at explaining step-by-step processes and is careful to make sure all her students are getting an equal amount of one-on-one time, which I appreciated and loved. She is an amazing teacher, and an all-around doll. I plan on making these workshops with Dorielle a regular part of my artistic journey. I recommend this for all who want to take it to the next level. You will not be disappointed!!!!" -Joe--
Dorielle Caimi