Mini Floral Workshop 2024

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In this 4-day oil painting workshop, we will focus on creating 1-2 mini paintings (approximately 5x5-8x8 inches...your choice) of flowers (leaves or cactuses too!) with aspect of the face peaking through the flora. Students will have the choice between choosing their own face or the face of one of my models to work from.

On the first day, we will take photos in the studio and get everyone's source images prepared. The rest of the workshop will focus primarily on painting. This workshop will help you understand the basic principles of oil painting, as well as composition, color theory/mixing, value and the other myriad tenets of how to paint what you see. After this workshop, you will be suited with all the skills you need to take your oil painting career to the next level. And speaking of levels, I take ALL of them. So sign up if you're a beginner who's never worked with oils or an advanced oil painter; I will take you where you are. Supply list will be mailed out to students after sign up. Can't wait to see you here in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Where: Santa Fe, New Mexico
When: Friday, Jan 19 - Monday, January 22, 2024
Spots available: 10
Price: $725