Full Mentorship Program


This mentorship program is four one-hour zoom sessions. I structure the four sessions out loosely like this:

1st Session: Mindset and Confidence (clearing out the BS)
2nd Session: Creative Voice Development (what are you saying with your work?)
3rd: Session: Technical Skill
4th: Professional Practices

However, during our time together, topics of discussion will be tailored to your needs which include but are not limited to:
-Packing and shipping art
-Time management and organization
-Documenting work
-Applications for exhibitions and awards
-How to works with galleries
-Creating a website
-Critiques of personal work
-Cultivating a social media following
-Making a living as an artist
-Art theory
-Studio safety
-Studio set up
-Creative thinking and practices
-How to believe in yourself when no one else does
-Encouragement: getting over your fear, self-doubt, and excuses
-How to write about your work and get clear about what it is you're doing
-Affective grant writing
-Getting awards
-Building your CV
-Becoming vertically integrated as an artist
-Making and releasing prints
-Gaining (and utilizing) press
-Cultivating your voice and making powerful and concise work
-Taking risks and experimenting in your work
-Pricing and selling your work
-How to work with galleries OR how to represent yourself without galleries
-Learning how to talk about your work (to anyone)
-Setting boundaries, routine and ritual around your practice
-Tools for self-discipline and pacing yourself for longevity of your career
-How to get pumped and inspired and how to work when you feel neither
-Deepening the relationship you have with your work so that no external situation can discourage you
-Or anything else you need